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Tips on How to Learn Quran by Heart
June 10, 2021
July 12, 2021
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How to Read Quran Online with Tajweed – A Detailed Guide

Let me ask you something!

Do you ever feel as a Muslim as though you’ve lost touch with Allah’s Word?

Do you struggle to find time to read, learn and understand the Quran, no matter how hard you try?

If Yes, you are not alone.

Many Muslims throughout the world believe that they do not know enough about their faith. As a result, they are unhappy because they feel guilty about their inadequate knowledge of Islam and the Quran.

We all need to reflect upon something!

How do we normally spend our free time?

On mobiles, most of the time. Isn’t it? Social media, chatting, Netflix, Tiktok and other distractions available on the internet are the best leisure we have for our free time. After all, everyone needs to unwind and have some “me time” to relax. Right?

Maybe not!

Social media connects you with a virtual world that is an escapade from real-life worries. But, just like a drunken stupor, the moment you are back, the anxiety and stress of life comes back. 

As  Muslims, it is our ultimate responsibility to bond with Quran as much as possible. This is because learning and understanding the Quran brings us closer to Almighty Allah and connects us with the real purpose of our life, ultimately lightening our hearts and cleansing our souls. 

Easy access to the internet is a great advantage these days. Online Quran learning has made it very convenient for Muslims from around the globe to learn Quran from credible and qualified teachers.

This leaves no excuse not to learn Quran with tajweed for a better understanding.

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran,

 “And We have undoubtedly made the Qur’an easy to understand, but is there any who would take heed?” (Surat ul Qamar, Verse 17)

The idea to learn Quran and Tajweed online is relatively new, and one may feel apprehensive or hesitant before deciding to learn Quran online.   However, we can guarantee you that this is one of the most popular and efficient methods of comprehending the Quran.

As Muslims of the 21st century, it is past time for us to wake up and connect with the Quran using modern technological means to our advantage. 

Let us help you if you’re still unsure about online learning of the Quran and Tajweed. 

Benefits of Online Learning of Quran and Tajweed

Online Quran learning has some added advantages, which are appended below.

  • Quality Teaching with Qualified Tutors

You must have the finest Quran teachers to get a good Quran and Tajweed learning experience. Generally, there is one odd madrassa or mosque in your vicinity. Even that mosque might not have a qualified teacher. But to properly study and grasp the meaning of the Quran and basic Arabic language, a qualified Quran educator is required.

Online platforms have solved this problem. Various teaching websites conduct tests and interviews with teachers in order to select individuals who are skilled at coaching the authentic pronunciation, tajweed and Quranic knowledge besides giving a thorough understanding of the Quran. As a result, online Quran learning provides you with the Quran’s deep knowledge from the best teachers you could get.

Hiring a Quran instructor is prohibitively expensive in Western countries.  Whereas, Online Quran learning cuts down the cost to incredibly low prices.  There are many free online Quran Teaching Websites, while others have different teaching plans according to your budget and schedule. Furthermore, almost all paid Quran learning websites offer discounts on their courses and classes.   In addition, most websites provide a free trial period of a few days or weeks. So, you can always try if a particular course, tutor or website works for you or not.

Another advantage of learning the Quran online is that you won’t have any travel expenditures. You just need an active internet connection, and your place would become your classroom.

  • Flexible Schedules to Learn Quran Online

Time flexibility is the biggest advantage that you get while learning the Quran online. Online learning allows you to take your Quran or Tajweed lesson any anytime during your busy day. Online Quran Learning provides you with the benefit of not being constrained by your daily routine.  Educators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from various zones. You may adjust your schedule to learn the Quran online anytime it is convenient for you. Exercises and lessons are constantly available on tutoring websites and may be accessed at any time.

  • Safe and Secure Learning Environment for Kids

Parents are always be concerned about their children’s well-being all the time, even during educational activities. But, unfortunately, bullying by fellow students, corporal punishments and tongue lashing by religious teachers in the teaching institutions is still a bitter reality in many parts of the world. Resultantly, the students lose interest in learning Quran and start avoiding the classes one way or another.

Online Quran learning classes provide the best solution to avert any kind of child abuse as the parents or guardians can always accompany their kids during online courses right from the safes confines of their homes. Moreover, the elders can keep an eye on how and what is being taught besides administering their child’s behaviour during the classes.

  • Quran for All – No Age Restriction

Learning Quran and tajweed is not an age bound process. But if you are old, you may feel hesitant going to a class where the majority is youth. With online courses, you don’t have to face the prying eyes of others and can learn Quran peacefully without being wary of your age. Online Quran learning allows people from every age group to have a customised learning experience that best suits their age, requirement and schedule.

  • One-on-One Quran Classes

Some students may not feel at ease while studying with a whole class, and as a result, they are unable to concentrate. Or some students are slower at uptake than others and may need more time or dedicated attention. In online Quran learning, such students can opt for one-on-one instructionals classes where one instructor teaches one student at a time. This way, introverts or slower students can cope up with online Quran learning without any problem. 

What is Tajweed?

The proper articulation of Arabic words is referred to as Tajweed. Arabic, like English, has sounds that must be articulated correctly. Muslims in most areas of the globe can recognise and acquire Arabic sounds; nevertheless, their articulation is restricted by their parent language’s sound patterns, and they are rarely able to pronounce the words correctly. This is where Tajweed chips in the process of learning the Quran. Mastering Tajweed allows all Muslims from any nation to recite the verses correctly, resulting in the best benefit from the recitation.

Why should We Learn Quran with Tajweed?

The Quran is Allah’s message. The way it is put together and the significance it conveys is unparalleled and cannot be found in any other book in the world. In addition to the deep meaning of the Quranic verses, there is this majestic language that distinguishes it from any other literature in the world in general and Arabic in particular.

Regarding the enriched prose style used in the Quran, the style is unique in and of itself; yet, it is only when this style is recited correctly that the real influence of the Quran may be recognised and experienced. This is why we place a greater emphasis on tajweed, especially for beginners. So, with Online Quran Lessons, you may study Quranic Arabic online with our professional teachers, who will help you become more skilled in the language.

Mistakes That Tajweed Helps in Avoiding

In addition to accurate recitation, Tajweed helps to avoid two types of recitation errors.

  • Mispronunciation of the Words

 A reader may improperly blend or combine various vowel sounds, which academics consider a significant error. And if done on purpose, these mistakes are punishable. Thus, understanding Tajweed aids in avoiding such errors.

  • Mistakes in Rules of Recitation

There are certain guidelines for the recitation of the Quran. For example, at certain places in the Quran,  a person must pause, and the recitation must be extended. Not following these rules is also a mistake, though not as serious as the previous one because it doesn’t affect the meaning of the words. However, educating yourself on the rules of Tajweed can help avoid these mistakes. 

Inspired? Want to Join the Best Online Quran and Tajweed Learning Course?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have sufficient background in Quran learning, we highly recommend signing up with for the best online Quran and Tajweed learning experience.  

Why Choose

QuranLessons is delivering all services related to Quran and Tajweed with utmost responsibility for more than ten years. Our skilled Qaris assist Muslims from around the world in learning the Quran with Tajweed. In addition, our instructors can help you study Quran online with tajweed so that you may become competent in correct Quran recitation.

  • We Hire the Best Tutors

Teaching Quran is a holy and the most sacred task. Therefore, we hire the best-qualified teachers from over the world who not only master the art of teaching the Quran but are best in the Arabic language, its translation and the understanding of Quranic teachings. Our tutors are carefully selected who also know about the history, background, and revelation of the Holy Book besides having impeccable linguistic skills. We at online QuranLessons provide responsible and most qualified teachers who can lead you in the right direction.

  • We Teach with Responsibility and Authenticity

The Quran is revealed in Arabic because it is the most comprehensive language with exquisite tone and emphasis. The words are really precise and have a lot of significance to them. According to Imam Shafi’, it is every Muslim’s responsibility to study Arabic in order to comprehend the Quran.  We at QuranLessons are wary of our responsibility and its sensitivity with regards to religion and Quran. Therefore, we deliver the most authentic Quran, Tajweed and Tafseer lessons carefully compiled and vetted by Muslim Qaris and scholars.

  • We Emphasise on Authentic and Accurate Translation

Since the original and only official edition of the Quran is in Arabic, a translation may provide a lot of meaning and comprehension, and our online Quran instructors can point you in the right direction. Before diving into any literature, you need to be familiar with the basics. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, nonfiction, or a how-to manual. You must be aware of what is it all about. The same applies to the Holy Quran. Our online Quran tutors help you get the correct understanding of a verse with the most authentic and accurate translation.

  • Our Tutors Focus on Understanding of Quran

There is eventual wisdom behind every verse, and knowing what is meant by each verse is largely dependent upon the understanding of the Quranic verses. Our online Quran tutors make you understand those verses in the exact context in which they were revealed.

May Allah (SWT) help us all to grasp the genuine essence of our faith through the Quran’s teachings.

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