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May 27, 2021
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How Anyone Can Learn Quran through Online Quran Academy

Learn How you can earn Quran through Online Quran Academy

The Quran is a book sent down by Allah Almighty for all the Muslim Ummah. It is in Arabic and has been translated into almost all the languages of the world. It is mandatory (Farz) for every Muslim to recite it and best if you memorize it.

Why Should You Learn the Quran?

Many people ask this question from Muslims. The answer is simple and short: It is a book of guidance for all humanity and mankind for eternity. You don’t need to be a Muslim to take guidance from it. People from different religions also learn a lot and it is becoming the most read Book in the world.

The bottom line is that you can’t be a true Muslim until you follow the teachings of the Holy Book. Every problem, every issue, every issue, every problem has a solution the Quran.

You can find a Surah for every aspect of your life. Moreover, it talks about the greatness of Allah Almighty, how to lead your life, how to be patient, how to solve your problems, how to pass the Day of Judgment and so much more. So, it is important to learn the Quran for Muslims.

Why Should We Go For Online Learning?

No doubt, the COVID pandemic has made life different in a way we could never imagine. For most people, there is little hope. But, the beauty of human nature is to find a silver lining in everything.

Have you ever heard of learning the Quran online? Does the concept of an online Quran Academy ring a bell? Some of you might have heard of it, others know about it already but have been reluctant to try out the concept. With the pandemic in full swing, everything has turned online. People are afraid to meet other people and rightly so.

So, when our schools, colleges, offices, gyms, and even work have turned online and nothing has stopped, why should learning the Quran stop? Why should we stop learning the Book of Allah Almighty when nothing else in our life has stopped? So, if you want to Learn Quran Online or want to know more about it, read on.

What Is An Online Quran Academy?

Before we know what is an online Quran academy and how it helps in teaching Quran to the people, we need to know how this concept evolved and if it is the right way to learn Quran or not.

In the beginning, people used to send their kids to a Madrassa (Quran school) or ask a learned Quran tutor (Maulvi) to come and teach their kids at home. The trend of sending kids to Madrassas has decreased a lot in the past few decades. The reason is simple; established and high-quality Madrassas are not there and life has become too fast-paced and competition is too high that the kids don’t have time to go to a proper Madrassa.

Secondly, finding a good Maulvi in a particular area has become difficult. There are just so many people claiming to be Quran teachers that it has become almost impossible to tell the authentic ones apart from the fake ones. Also, if you are living in non-Muslim countries, it is very difficult to even find a Maulvi anywhere.

For this reason, the trend of Online Quran Classes has increased in the past two decades. But, people were still reluctant to opt for these online classes. Let’s see how to learn Quran through a Quran academy. It is an online platform where you can learn the Quran.

Why Choose Online Academies To Learn Quran?

If you are looking for classes to teach Quran for kids or yourself, going online has many advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Experienced And Professional Teachers

The biggest advantage is that you get to choose from a pool of talent from all over the world. The online academies have some of the best teachers who are not only qualified but are also experienced. They hire people who are highly qualified to provide the best experience to the participants because their reputation depends on it.

  • Full Attention

In Madrassas, there are more than 50, 60 kids and sometimes even 100’s of them who come to learn the Quran. It is not like learning the coursebook. You can’t just memorize without understanding what the words mean. Moreover, Arabic is not the first language for many people. So, you need to read it with proper Tajweed.

Most of the online courses also teach you how to recite with proper Tajweed (the rules and regulations of reciting the Quran and the pronunciation). In online classes, the class strength is kept low to provide individual attention to each kid. In this way, the Talafuz and Tajweed are paid special attention to.

  • Interactive And Fun

The best thing about online classes is that they are very interactive and fun. No more moving back and forth and reciting the Quran to learn it and memorize it by heart. There are interactive sessions, quizzes, and even storytime. As each Surah of the Quran is about some event or a moral lesson for us, it can and is made fun of for the people taking the class.

Pictures, graphics, and stories can be used to help you and your kids understand the Quran easily and quickly. It is easier to retain and for kids, it is more fun and will not seem like they are learning like they do in academic work.

How to Select an Online Academy?

There are a few things that go into making your online Quran learning fruitful and good. Keep in mind the following points to make sure you are learning from the best.

  1. Do Your Homework

First things first, you need to be sure that the Quran classes you shortlist for yourself or for teaching Quran for kids need to be authentic. For this, you need to do your homework well. Look online for reviews and check the ratings of various classes and academies online.

The best way is not to follow the reviews blindly. You need to track the people and talk to the participants who are already taking a course or have taken a course. Ask them how their experience was. What did they like and dislike about the course?

We suggest not to go for a Quran tutor who is offering services online and does not have any company behind them. The only problem, in this case, is to check their authenticity. Online academies and companies offering Quran teaching services do thorough background checks on the tutors coming to them. In this, way, you are sure about the authenticity which becomes difficult to check on your own.

  • Choices, Choices and More Choices

When it comes to Quran online Classes, there are many options available. This is the beauty of it. The Madrassas and Quran tutors have this one major drawback, they are restricted by location. For a Madrassa, you need to go to them to study and only people living nearby or within the city can do that.

In the case of Quran tutors, even they can only cover a particular area and or go out of the city to nearby places to teach. Again, they are restricted by geographical location.

When it comes to learning online, it has no restrictions or limitations. A person sitting in Australia can attend a Quran academy online with people from Saudi Arabia or Canada or any part of the world. Especially for people living in non-Muslim countries, this is a blessing in disguise.

You also get the option to choose from the best of the best. You can pick from any academy or any tutor from any corner of the world. This shows just how many options you have.

How to Learn Quran through the Academy?

Once you have followed the first two steps and have decided which online Quran academy or course you are going to go for, remember the following points to make the best out of it

  1. Sign Up For the Class

Once you have selected the course and the tutor, you need to sign up for the class. Mostly, the academies provide an option of a free trial. The signup process is very easy. All you need to provide is an email address, Skype, or some ID for video calls, your country and time zone along with a phone number (this is mostly optional).

After a trial of 1-3 days, you can finally pay for the course and take it. You can find several courses online which are being provided for free. Yes, you can opt for them. But, we don’t recommend going for free courses. These can be scams. Plus, when you are talking about learning the Book of Allah Almighty, you should do that from the best. This will not come for free and every penny spend will be worth it.

  • Select the Appropriate Time

Even though one of the biggest advantages of any type of online class is flexibility and the option of choosing the time that suits your best, we recommend setting a fixed time. This will help you develop and maintain a routine. Having a set routine and knowing that you have to sit at a particular time will help in the learning and memorization process.

  • Schedule A Class

You need to be careful when scheduling a class. Questions like your preference for what type of teacher you want (male/female), mode of class, and the type of Quran class you are interested in will be answered here. You can choose between learning the Quran, memorizing the Quran, or Understanding the Quran are all different.

  • Pick A Peaceful Spot

The Quran is the Word of Allah Almighty. When you are reciting it, you feel that Allah Himself is talking to you. For this, you need to have your full concentration and attention. Be sure to pick a spot where there is no noise and no distractions.

The Quran is in Arabic. It is a misconception that all Muslims can read and understand the Arabic language. This is not the case. For this reason, you need to have peace, quiet, and a disturbance-free environment. For learning it properly, proper concentration is required.

To learn and memorize the Quran, you need to be vigilant and attend the Quran classes regularly. Try not to bring in a lot of gaps as your flow will break. As you are in the learning process, you need to be regular.

Easy Tips To Help In Memorization

Are you thinking of memorizing the Quran or getting your kid to be it? SubhanAllah. There can be nothing better than it. Today, we are bringing some tips as a bonus to help you in the memorization process.

  • The trick is to start from the easy Surah. Usually, the 30th Suparah is the easiest and that is where you should start from.
  • Don’t try to memorize entire Surahs in one go. Even if it Surah Ikhlas, the shorted Surah of the Quran, go verse by verse. Once you learn one worse, move on to the next. The trick here is repetition. When you are on verse #2, go back and revise verse#1, in this way as you progress, you should revise from verse #1 instead of the particular verse you are on.
  • Listen to the Quran. The best way to learn is to hear it. Especially for people who don’t have Arabic as their first language, hearing the recitation will help in learning it a lot. Moreover, you can also pinpoint and see your mistakes and learn from them.


As you can see, anyone can learn the Quran through an online Quran academy and classes is a good idea. Apart from the fact that you are already stuck indoors because of the COVID pandemic, going online is the best option.

Hope this guide has cleared any confusion regarding Quran online Classes and the bonus tips will prove beneficial for you.

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