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July 2, 2021
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October 11, 2021
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Learning and memorizing the Quran is not only vital but compulsory for every Muslim; this pious act of worship has proven to improve lives and make them happier, prosper, and on the right path.  As a source of guidance, Quran should be memorized by every Muslim, if not everyone, irrespective of age, gender, nationality, or anything else.

However, it is understandable that memorizing the Quran can be a daunting task, especially for non-native Arabic speakers, but with the advancement and accessibility of online Quran classes, memorizing the Quran has never been so easy.

Plus, gone are the days when memorizing the Quran was only considered doable by the young minds; with Online Quran tutors and academies readily available at the convenience of the student (adult or kids), anyone can be profound in the Quran memorization in no time.

Whether you are seeking Hifz programs for Adults or Hifz for kids, there is no better, more effective, and easy way to memorize Quran than online. And to make the learning process even easier and smoother, here are some tips that will help you with a recurring question: How to memorize Quran online.

Best methods to memorize Quran online

So if the pandemic, timing conflict, constant traveling, age, unavailability of tutors and institutes, or any other factor is causing hindrance in your path of memorizing the Quran. Getting assistance from Online Quran Memorization classes, pre-recorded lectures, and Quran applications is highly suggested.

Following is the rundown of the methods adopted for a seamless journey of memorization Quran online. Whether you choose to take anyone’s approach or use all methods incoherence, the result will be favorable and fulfilling, to say the least.


One of the best things that came off from the advancement and accessibility of technologies is the prevalence of online Quran academies/classes. For some years now, online Quran academies have gained massive popularity as they are a great solution to the issues that halt Quran learning.

Online Quran Memorization classes are the best tool to help memorize the Quran. They are accessible 24/7 but are cost-friendly, cooperative, and the best of all, enable you to get professional help from expert Quran tutors.

This method is ideal as it ensures discipline, consistency, commitment, effectiveness, efficiency, and expert guidance throughout the journey of memorizing the Quran at the comfort of your home, feasibility, and preferred pace.

These Quran academies/classes have tutors that help you start from the very basics, which is ideal for individuals who have no prior knowledge or lack behind in few places or are non-native Arab. From learning alphabets to Tajweed, Qirat, meaning, and so much more, these online Quran memorization classes provide a complete learning curriculum that not only fosters memorization but complete learning of the Quran.

The online Quran tutors have expert knowledge in their respective fields as well as on how to teach and tackle varied issues of individual students. Hence, they lead through interactive, unique, and intuitive methods for fast memorization and holistic Quran learning. They also give tips and tricks on overcoming forgetfulness, being more inclined, and other ways to facilitate quick and seamless learning.

From extensive online Quran memorization programs to comprehensive ones, Quran academies are a great method for Hifz Program for Adults and Hifz for kids as, unlike the traditional style, they are more interactive, engaging and have proven favorable outcomes. Plus, you can opt for one-on-one sessions, extra classes and enjoy other incredible features such academies have to offer.

All in all, if consistency is an issue and proper guidance is what you seek, the best mode of online Quran memorization is enrolling in online Quran classes to learn, memorize, and foster a strong relationship with the Quran and Islam.


There is nothing more liberating than memorizing the Quran on your own or anything else for that matter, but at times it might not be a great way, especially if the territory is new and a lot is riding on learning that task correctly. Especially when it comes to memorizing the Quran, one wrong word can change the meaning of the verse/teaching entirely.

But again, that to technology and its accessibility, these two concerning factors can easily be tackled now. E-learning, commonly referred to as learning from digital resources, is a great way of learning at your own pace without direct interaction.

Many such resources are available on the internet and online Quran academies, where online Quran memorization is carried through pre-recorded lectures and videos from expert Quran tutors.

Entirely dependent on self-learning, this method is ideal for individuals who have a hectic lifestyle or are uncomfortable in the presence of others or for parents who want to tutor their kids on their own to foster a strong bond and have control over the trajectory of their learning.

One of the best things about this online Quran memorization technique is that it is not only time effective but cost-effective as well. If you get recorded lectures from Quran academies, they cost you less than real-time classes, and if you seek to find a more budget-friendly alternative, the internet is flooded with free videos that help with Quran memorization online.

However, with this method, many people are concerned with the issue that may arise with this method, specifically consistency, commitment, and supervision. But this issue is being actively been taken care of by academies, too; few pre-recorded lectures come with assignments and tests that are mandatory for students to tackle to move further or get a completion certificate; this helps with commitment concern and consistency to an extent.

Moreover, the option to listen to the lectures anytime and repeat them as much as you want helps a lot. When you listen to something repeatedly, the subtlety of things is grabbed, which further facilitates the learning and tackle the supervision issue.

Though this method may not be perfect with the prior one in memorization Quran online, but it’s a close second and can be very effective, to say the least, and if paired with the preceding method, the results will be quicker, better, and perfect.


Quran applications can be a very flexible assistive tool in the journey of memorizing the Quran that can easily be customizable as per an individual’s needs.

This method of memorizing the Quran online is available both free of cost, subscription-based, or at a one-time fee. This is a great technological tool that is highly portable and can benefit people on the go.

Designed to offer flexible learning formats, these applications provide lectures in various languages, speed, and so much more. Many applications also provide flexible guided lesion plans that Break down surahs into manageable daily lessons; they also come with features like daily assignments, quizzes, and one-on-one sessions (at times).

Features like bookmarking surah/ayahs to resume later or audio looping can also play a vital role in memorizing and learning the Quran.

Some applications come with interactive and engaging learning features such as Games and challenges. From personal games to Group challenges helps to keep individuals motivated and on track, especially the group challenges, as peer pressure/involvement has proven to be a strong driving force in learning.

These gamification methods of memorizing the Quran online help to make revision easier, faster, and enjoyable. These multisensory learning methods engage visual, auditory, speech, and motor skills/sensors that help with retention.

And of the best things about Quran applications will be the progress analytics; there is something about analytics that drives people. Measuring one’s performance has always proven beneficial as it makes people accountable, consistent, and committed.  Analytics helps individuals gain insight into their learning, allowing them to see their progression, review it and be their judge.

In today’s time, when uncertainty has become the new normal, the time has become of utmost value, and halting one activity for another seems to become part of life; having such entertaining, interactive, and learning tools helps a lot.

For individuals who like a more contemporary approach towards memorizing Quran online, Quran memorization applications are the best way to move forward. They help with the online Hifz Quran through fun, unique activities in a seamless manner plus, unlike previously mentioned options and other methods out there, this method may not be dependent on the internet solely all the time.

Whether you are out in the city or out camping in the middle of nowhere, Quran applications are your lifesaver and a companion in your journey of memorizing the Quran.

Assistive techniques for Online Quran Memorization

Memorizing the Quran or better known as doing Hifz, is a remarkable thing; however, a very challenging and time-consuming one. Many people assume that learning How to memorize Quran Online will speed up the process of memorizing the Quran exponentially; however, though it does speed up a process but to an extent, as memorization depends on memory, commitment, time, and time effort, you put into it. Ideally, it takes around 2 to 3 years to memorize Quran, but it varies on circumstances such as mode of learning, effort, and other factors.

It is very common to get disheartened that your desired outcome is not achieved during a set time; therefore, to facilitate you further, here are some techniques that can aid in your online Quran Memorization journey.

  • Combining all the modes of learning mentioned can help with memorization extensively, speed up the process, and elevate understanding.
  • Using Visual and auditory senses together is very helpful and recommended. All in required to go through the pages of the surah/ayah you are listening to simultaneously as it helps with its retention.
  • Reading the Quran multiple times a day the same Surah you are learning in a loud voice also helps with memorization.
  • Self-testing or asking someone to quiz you also helps and is not as daunting as other testing methods mentioned properly.
  • Do not skip any ayah/surah if you seem to have not fully grasped the previous one.

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