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Online Quran Classes for Kids to Understand the Book of Allah
May 27, 2021
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Benefits of online Quran learning

The Holy Quran is the literal word of Allah in the form of a book.

It is a miracle of Islam. A complete guide for all Muslims that are to come into this world until the Day of Judgment.

It contains many lessons that will lead to the prosperity and success of people not only in this world but also in the next.

This is why each follower of the book has to read and learn from the Quran.

But since the original language of the Quran is Arabic, this makes it difficult for non-Arabs to properly recite and understand it.

To solve this problem you can take the help of modern technology and start learning Quran online.

Why Should You Learn The Quran Online?

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said that the best amongst Muslims are those that learn and teach the Quran.

However, not everyone has the means or skills to read the Holy book.

Muslims who live in non-Arab countries or those who are new to the religion, find it hard to get resources to learn to read Arabic. Maybe there are no masjids or Quran tuition centers in your area. Or maybe you don’t want to send your kids out to institutes because you are unsure about the credibility of the instructors. And are also worried about their safety.

For such people, the option to learn Quran online is most suitable. While the idea seems alien at first, online classes are quite similar to physical ones. You get to interact with your Quran teachers just like in a classroom.

You can learn the Quran from seasoned professionals, who will help you enhance your skills and also supplement your knowledge of the religion. They will supply you with all the tools and materials you need to further your Islamic studies. 

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Quran Online?

In our world today, countless courses and classes are taught online. And while the traditional way of teaching the Quran face-to-face is beneficial. We must try to adapt to new ways of learning our religion, to keep up with the times.

Here are the major online Quran learning benefits for adult students:

Benefits For Parents and Adults

Cost And Time Efficient

Visiting your local Islamic center or institute means you have to spend a set amount of hours traveling to and from your home. Add to that the waiting time before class and you are spending too much time just attending the classes.

This becomes a bigger problem if your institute is far from your home. So, not only do you have to waste time in getting to your destination but you also have to incur costs of travel.

With online Quran learning, you don’t have to deal with any such hassles. You can start your class from your home. And since you don’t have to travel anymore, you are also saving money at the same time. Which you can invest in getting more classes online.


Online Quran classes allow students to design a study plan that caters to their specific needs. Unlike regular classes, you can learn at your own pace.

If you are employed or lead a busy life, you can opt to study late at night or only on weekends. And since you aren’t attending in-person classes, there is no worry of falling behind others.

In addition, you can easily access a multitude of study materials through the internet. No need to carry heavy books and notebooks. Because you can have all your lectures, notes, study text, etc. saved on your computer device.

Quran Tutor

Besides defining how you study, choosing the tutor that is right for you is much easier in the online setting. Your choice of tutors is usually limited to a few in Islamic institutions in your area. But on the internet, you can easily find Quran teachers from all over the world with diversified experience and qualifications. So, you can select the learning provider that is best suited to your needs. 

Variety Of Courses

As the internet is evolving, so are online Quran courses.

Most web-based institutes now provide a number of detailed and specialized Quran courses. These are available for students ranging from beginner to advanced level. Some examples of the types of courses available online are:

  1. Basic Recitation Course:

These classes are meant for beginners to teach them the basics of reading Arabic. Tutors teach the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet to students along with basic rules for Quranic recitation.

  1. Tajweed Course:

“Tajweed” refers to the rules and regulations of proper recitation of the Quran.

In the Arabic language, the meaning of words can greatly change with even the slightest shift in intonation. That is why in Tajweed classes, instructors teach students, in detail, how to perfectly pronounce and recite words in the language of the Quran.

  1. Quran Memorization & Hifz:

If you have always wanted to become a Hafiz of the Quran but need guidance, you can sign-up for online memorization classes. These entail Quran memorization techniques and practices to help you in your journey of becoming a noble Hafiz.

  1. Arabic Language & Grammar Course:

The Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic and will be preserved in the same language until the end of time. That is why the language has a religious significance in the life of every believer.

Now, you can learn the language easily from the comfort of your own home through online classes.

In linguistic and grammar sessions, course instructors teach everything from vocabulary to common words and phrases used in Arabic today. Enabling you to have a firm grip on the language.

Interactive Learning

While learning Quran at your local mosque or madrasa offers an inclusive and social experience. Online classes have their own unique advantages. Thanks to modern-day technology, Quran teachers can use virtual tools and study materials that makes classes more fun and interactive.

No more spending hours behind the desk while trying to concentrate in classes. You can take part in exciting quizzes, educational games, and many other methods of interactive learning.

Benefits For Children

Online Quran learning isn’t only meant for adults. Rather children can also receive the following benefits thanks to online learning;


Kids have to go to school in the morning. And it is most likely that you involve your child in extracurricular activities after school is over. With such a jam-packed schedule, there is no time during the day for your child to attend Quran classes.

This is where online learning of the Quran proves fruitful. Parents can select the courses for their kids that they can attend whenever it is feasible for them.

Because you can find teachers on the internet from anywhere on the internet. You will be easily able to find a Quran teacher that fits your schedule. So that your child will have access to qualified instructors without having to compromise on other tasks during the day.

Better Teaching And Learning

Teaching online isn’t a convenient option for students only. Rather, it is a method of choice for many Quran teachers. With online tutoring, the instructor can have one-on-one sessions with each student. Meaning they assess what teaching strategy will work best with every student.

On the other hand, you also have the convenience of finding a teacher that best fits the learning style of your child. It is not necessary that every teacher will be able to teach your child the Quran with the same effectiveness. But because you have many options to choose from, you can always switch tutors to have a better learning experience.


To learn Quran online, all you need is a stable internet connection and, you are good. As you can monitor your child, you know when they are and aren’t attending their classes. So this way you can keep a close watch on their progress.

If you have a child with a learning disability. Or if they find it hard to concentrate in classes because of distraction. Online classes will be of great help. Because you can provide them a distraction-free and comfortable environment at home.

Better Concentration And Focus

With one-on-one sessions, teachers are able to better focus on each of their students. And they also provide more support than they can in regular in-person classes.

This greater focus on each child lets the Quran teacher know exactly where the student is struggling. Which enables them to provide constructive feedback to the child and their parents. Therefore, letting the child learn from their mistakes while also improving their Quran learning.

New Skills

As a by-product of attending online Quran sessions, children develop computer skills. They learn how to navigate websites and courses.

Kids also learn how to better schedule their time because they have to plan their classes and assignments. They also learn to practice self-discipline during classes. They do this by concentration and engaging in lectures that are designed specifically for them.

Safe Study Environment

Child abuse and maltreatment of kids not unheard of when it comes to protecting children. But because your child is studying from home, you can rest assured with regards to their safety.

You can closely monitor your child’s classes to ensure they are being treated properly. If you sense some suspicion, you can report the teacher to the institute for disciplinary action.

Drawbacks Of Online Learning

While we have talked about the benefits of online Quran learning at length, it also has some drawbacks. So you may need to consider the following before you sign-up for an online Quran course:

Feeling Left Out

It is common for people to feel isolated when attending online classes. So, it is highly likely that you will feel the same with Quran classes.

This is a bigger problem for kids as they don’t want to feel like they are alone in class. However, after the initial few sessions, this effect should wear off. Until then, parents and teachers will have to support the child to make them feel more included in the lessons through interactive learning tools.

No Classes Without Internet

If you live in an area that has a weak internet connection, then you are out of luck. Because to learn the Quran online, you need a fast internet connection. As without it, you can’t have access to your classes or study material.

Self-Paced Courses

There is no doubt that Quran learning over the internet provides great ease because you learn at your own will. But this same benefit can become for those students who find it hard to motivate themselves to study.

Often people keep putting off such self-managed courses on the back-burner. They procrastinate learning until they completely forget about the course in its entirety.

Without discipline and progress tracking, online courses are hard to complete. To avoid this, make sure to keep track of your goals. Parents can keep tabs on the progress of their child’s learning to make sure they don’t abandon the course.

Loss Of Focus

Because of the traditional school culture, most people are comfortable with attending classes by themselves. They like interacting with their peers. And this communication helps them to do better in class.

Without such social interaction, people may lose interest in the Quran course over time. To overcome this issue, online institutes can provide their students to interact with each other. Creating dedicated forums for students helps them to ask questions from their virtual classmates. And also help other members of the community.


Whether you live in Asia or America, there are many benefits of online Quran learning for everyone. Now you can learn and understand the Quran without physically attending any classes in an institute.

All you need is an internet connection. You can have access to a myriad of online Quran courses. You can study anytime you like, with any Quran teacher that best suits your requirements.

By learning the Quran online, you can get closer to the Deen and Allah. And you can achieve all this while sitting at home.

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